Who can apply

Applications are invited from constituted groups in North Ayrshire, whose annual income was £300,000 or less in the last financial year:

  • charities
  • voluntary organisations
  • social enterprises
  • community based organisations
  • volunteering bodies
  • co-operatives
  • housing associations
  • credit unions

Application submission dates

Application deadline
to be received by NAVT
Final assessments
to Trustees
Meeting Decision
to applicants
15 December 202025 January 20219 February 2021by 15 February 2021
27 April 202125 May 20218 June 2021by 15 June 2021
13 July 20218 August 202124 August 2021by 31 August 2021
21 September 202119 October 20212 November 2021by 9 November 2021

Please note: the NAVT Board have already allocated most of their 2021-22 budget. If you are considering making an application please first email infonavt@north-ayrshire.gov.uk to discuss this.

What you’ll need

Include the following with your application:

  • constitution/governing document
  • annual accounts (or financial projections to cover funding period if a new group)
  • copy of most recent bank statement of group
  • copies of quotes for equipment (if appropriate)
  • copies of quotes for work to be carried out (if appropriate)
  • job descriptions for any staff, or seasonal worker requirements
  • other information such as; project plan, business plan, needs analysis
  • letters of support (if appropriate)
  • evidence of match funding

Application forms

Completed and signed applications should be emailed or posted to arrive before the appropriate submission date.

Please note: applications received after the submission dates will be carried forward to the next round of funding.

Help with your application

The NAVT Development Officer can offer support and advice to applicants, or can suggest other sources of assistance from partners in the statutory and voluntary sectors.

What happens next

All applications are reviewed by the NAVT Board of Trustees at each Trustees meeting.

Conditions of grant

Conditions of grant (PDF, 257kb)

Approved projects

Following approval of the grant, an offer letter will be sent to the applicant. The letter will detail the grant and any conditions.

The applicant must return an acceptance of the offer for funds to be transferred. 


Payment will be made, by BACS, within 4 weeks of acceptance.