There are 4 rounds of funding per year.

Short term grant

To be spent within 12 months of award – up to £10,000

Long term grant

To be spent within 3 years of award, for projects lasting over 1 year – between £10,001 and £30,000

Fund objectives

The fund is intended to enable projects, or services, to either become self-sustaining, or deliver a legacy for the local community. The Board of Trustees is looking for ideas that will help applicants to:

  • grow
  • generate income
  • create impact

Applicants may want to:

  • develop new social enterprises
  • support more beneficiaries
  • extend their work into new areas
  • take on a new asset
  • build a partnership with another organisation

Please note: the fund is not available as a long term source of funding for projects or services.

Funded projects

Check the list of projects to see we’ve funded so far, or consult our latest news section to find out about highlighted projects.